On location, natural light photography in North Central, Indiana. Including Kokomo, Lafayette, Peru & Logansport.

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Practice shots!

With a background. Unfortunately there's just not enough room in my house to do this right. I think I might have to get some lights or a wider angle lens because I was scrunched up against the wall and she kept running away. And I don't have a stand yet for the paper so it's not put up right and there's a spot where it wasn't straight and the light hit it weird. But it's a start, right?

I had a vision

For this cute tutu and adorable hat but they didn't turn out how I had them in my head. Good thing she's a sucker for yogurt cheerios and peek-a-boo because we're going to try this again. I really wish I had cool chair instead of this stool (that you can't see anyway) But she's still so stinkin' cute :o)

I love this little man with all my heart

It's hard to believe he's 4. He keeps me smiling, and gritting my teeth all day long ;) He is very loveable though, both of my kids are total cuddlers. I'm very thankful for that.

He has one, lonesome, little freckle on the right side of his lip. I love that little freckle.

Sigh...he's going to break some hearts some day, huh?

It truly is summer!

Aside from Riley freaking out about bugs and watermelon drippings onto his belly and Sierra attempting to run away every chance she got, this was a really fun shoot! I love the way these came out more and more every time I look at them. They are a bit underexposed and I'll fix it but mmmmmm can you tell how yummy the watermelon is?!?

Happy 4th!

Just 2 photos I snapped while we were waiting for the fireworks. Don't mind the background, that place was crazy packed. And it was uncomfortable. And I loaded them all up on sugar. But, they are cute, huh?


I suck at finding locations. Well, at least I used to. Thanks to some reading on a few photog sites, I realized I was looking too broad, all you need is a pocket, enough space to take a photo and make it look like you are at some extravagant location. And trust me, in Peru, there is any extravagance. I have been finding pockets all the time now! Bad thing is whenever I am driving, I am searching and I probably shouldn't be, huh?

A little pink hat

I am trying to take the kids out every night, weather forgiving, and practice. I need all the practice I can get but the kids don't really seem care. Sierra's been the most cooperative lately. I'm going to have to bust out the pez for Ri.

This is her "squishy face"

New camera!

And this is what Cici thinks of it =)